A week ago I told you about the good news that- first impressions are not about you- the bad news is also that first impressions are not about you-

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Look for ME 2 [no the movement, the emotion]. We like people like us.

Look for common ground, some times something so simple like food, sport or even the same enemy, can solidify connections.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Sun Tzu” GOD I learned so much about this in Politics!!!


  • Don’t fake it
  • Be honest
  • Learn when to walk away
  • Learn to transfer clients to a co-worker
  • Be the better person in the room, no matter how other people treat you 

A weird situation can fix problems

I was giving a training to a Financial institution in New York, I worked on that training opportunity for months, I bothered every contact I had in Linkedin and my rolodex to make it happen.

The only woman in my class was DRIVING ME CRAZY. She called me a waste of her time, questioning every example, even asking me about how I knew about language if I had an accent. 

I kept calm, but inside, I wanted to punch her in the face [remember, think about it but never do it]. After my lunch break, I went to the bathroom to wash my hands; guess who was there too. YES HER!!!  

She went to one of the stalls, and guess what? Her phone fell in the toilet when she was fighting with her nanny to pick up her son from school as her husband was in a meeting, and she couldn’t leave either.

I heard her cursing and cursing. I grabbed my phone and I passed it under the door and said, use it, this is my password. I will be in class, see you later, good luck.

She stopped me after class and asked me, “why I was nice with her”, I told her “you where a Bi*** at my class, and in the bathroom I understood that I can be a better person than you where with me”.

Long story short, 15 years later, we get together 1 time a year for a weekend- She is one of my best friends………………………………[I have pics, but I can’t share it  LOL]


“Never judge the book for the cover, always read the first chapter”

Be nice, it is FREE =) – Relationships are priceless. 

Susan Ibitz 

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