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Susan Ibitz Behavior Consulting
Susan Ibitz Behavior Consulting
Susan Ibitz Behavior Consulting
Susan Ibitz Behavior Consulting
Susan Ibitz Behavior Consulting
Susan Ibitz Behavior Consulting

The biggest mistake is calling us too late.

Why to hire external training and consulting

The correlation between learning and retention is quite surprising - businesses that encourage employees to learn have up to 50% higher engagement and retention rates.

When you hire an external trainer and consultant, you bring:

  • The newest tendencies in the market
  • Multicultural and multidisciplinary experience
  • Broad Knowledge of different levels of training
  • Allow your people to concentrate on growing and learning

Cost to companies for lack of training

Correlation between lack of training and employee retention 

  • 31% of 1,000 employees quit in their first six months.
  • This problem is exacerbated by a lack of training, which is the main reason why most employees leave.
  • 94% of employees won't quit if they're offered training and development opportunities
  • 89% of organizations facing challenges finding skilled talent
  • Replacing employees is shockingly expensive — a trillion dollars a year in the US alone.
  • Employee training ONLY costs 1%

Lack of training complaints from employees

  1. Soft skills training
  2. Sales training
  3. Product training
  4. Management Training
  5. Upskilling

Upskilling is considered the 3rd most crucial benefit among young employees between the ages of 18 and 24, following health insurance and disability benefits, according to a recent Gallup study conducted for Amazon.

Why now???

  1. Businesses expecting to grow within the next two years dropped from 73% in 2022 to 64% in 2023
  2. 87% of Managers Who Use PEOPLE MANAGER QUALIFICATION (PMQ), Say They’re Ready To Confidently Lead
  3. Businesses with strong learning cultures have an increased retention rate of 30-50%.
  4. 40% of employees won’t receive training and will leave their positions within one year.
  5. Act NOW; tomorrow is TOO LATE

Benefits of employee retention after training

Employee training and development is a crucial part of fostering a productive and effective work environment. However, 59% of employees report no formal workplace training.

These employees and employers are missing out, as companies who train employees properly see 218% more profit per employee and have a 24% higher profit margin. Additionally, these companies also have more engaged employees, allowing them to experience 17% more productivity on average.

  • Makes employees feel valued
  • Offers a new perspective
  • Improves employees' skills
  • Drives a positive work culture
  • Addresses employees' weaknesses
  • Productivity becomes more consistent
  • Customer satisfaction can be managed well
  • Key knowledge and skills remain in-house
  • You’ll save money
  • Employee morale improves
  • Employee engagement increases
  • Candidates take notice

Value we bring to your company

Value we bring to your company

  • Tailor training based on evaluation, assessment and implementation plan
  • Training follow-up - Future steps
  • Monthly retainers
  • Latest tendencies in the market
  • Transformation against information overload

Our team includes:

  • Profilers
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Trainers
  • Psychologists
  • Former military intelligence
  • Interrogators
  • Storytelling coaches
  • Wellness
  • Trainers in many disciplines
  • And more, all under 1 umbrella organization

“Susan Ibitz is a global expert in face reading and is paid to teach others how to do what she does”

Psychology Today

"Daaaaamn, “I thought to myself.” After getting read by her.”

Jerry Davich - Chicago Tribune

“Ibitz runs Human Behavior Lab and is one of the world’s foremost
experts in Face Reading. She uses her rare skills to help others
become better salespeople and consultants.”

WGN Radio 720

Susan Ibitz is the human equivalent of a polygraph machine.

Robert Nagler Miller

“Susan Ibitz is my secret weapon; I wish I had found her 15 years earlier.”

Athena Kasvkisi- Fastest Deal in the history of Shark Tank

We don’t ask why - who - how - we deliver and fix any situation.


More than 40 experts in all disciplines to win any case, any client, all the time

Working on the humans that grow your business | High-performance Human Behavior training | I teach corporations & employees how to hack into humans using Behavior & Persuasion. I work with Behavior Economics | Casinos | Construction | Healthcare – Hospitals | Pharma – Biotech | Finances- Banking | Insurance | Manufacturing | Medical device | Sales reps [ all Industries ]


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Susan Ibitz Behavior Consulting