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After years of dealing with sales teams and sales reps #training, one common denominator is that companies are not investing in #coaching them or giving them the tools to win. When we talk about winning🎉, we mean the company wins and the reps, too.


🚨Let’s go to the numbers:

🏴☠️Only 43% of B2B Sellers are hitting their quotas

🏴☠️55% report lacking the basic skills necessary to perform their jobs effectively

🏴☠️82% of decision-makers feel that the sales reps they interact with are unprepared for sales calls

💰Implications for organizations:

📈The inability to achieve goals

📈High turnover rates

📈Difficulty adapting to changing market conditions

The average tenure for a sales rep is currently just 18 months, leading to a significant loss of intellectual capital, and changes that don’t look good to clients.

Client view:

“If you can’t keep your #1 client, your people, how will you care for mine?”

💡Coaching and training in numbers

In fact, the positive impact of sales coaching is proven. 

🔥8 in 10 teams with effective sales coaching practices hit over 75% of their sales quotas. With results like that, organizations can’t afford not to coach reps.

🔥63% of sales organizations take a random or informal approach to sales coaching.

🔥The best sales managers recognize the importance of skills coaching on long-term behavior. They aim to deliver at least one monthly skill-based coaching session per rep.

🔥Deliver coaching sessions to address changes and ensure reps are equipped to adapt

🔥Reps who are assigned follow-up actions post-coaching see an average improvement of 13 points

🔥 Companies are reporting a 6% to 20% increase in revenue after hiring a sales coach/trainer


🏁AI took the personal touch on sales

🏁Understanding client’s behaviors, creates rapport faster

🏁Initial training and monthly follow-up help sales reps to adapt

🏁Follow-up with Q&A allows sales reps to learn on their own terms

🏁In the short and long-term, companies win by training their people

How do we know??? Well, we have been doing behavior sales training for decades.

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