😱Here’s the No. 1 thing that ‘destroys’ relationships

Micro-Expressions – Behavior – Denial

Either at work or in a love relationship, there are 4 things that show that a relationship is not going to work, or at least that it needs some work

  • Contempt: Expressing a lack of respect for our partners (e.g., name-calling, eye-rolling, ridiculing).
  • Criticism: Attacking a partner’s/ co-worker/ boss/ friend character.
  • Defensiveness: Protecting from criticism by using excuses or shifting blame.
  • Stonewalling: Withdrawing from communication by ignoring, zoning out or acting busy.
  • If you need to choose how to manage any of these, what would you do to mitigate the situation?

It is crazy, but these 4 are not that far from love or work. They happen in daily scenarios.

When I teach Micro-Expressions, I show the 7 [happiness, sadness, anger, disgust, contempt, fear, & surprise] you will be fascinated by how some people cannot identify some expressions, no matter how many times they see them.

Some theories say that we block expressions that hurt us, as we are exposed to them by people we either care for or that we are around all the time.

This is a way for us to protect ourselves from the pain they cause.

We are dumb by our denial 

The problem with blocking these emotions / expressions is that when we need to interact with people and understand the circumstances around these expressions, the lack of acknowledgement can lead to:

  • Losing business
  • Breaking relationship
  • Bad management
  • Losing sales
  • Communication and understanding people we care about


  • Understanding the reason why you are missing the signals can save you more than money
  • Read and take a class about Micro-Expressions, but more importantly, what they are, what they mean, and how to manage each one
  • There are more than 7 Micro-Expressions, and those are combinations of the 7 original ones
  • Some of them can be dangerous
  • Anger can lead 8.5% of the time to heart attacks
  • Surprise is the hallway to hell, never come alone
  • We have 19 different smiles, only 6 are real happy expressions

Communication in a digital era solidifies relationships; exercise JUST BEING HUMAN.

Susan Ibitz 

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