There are more than 1.3 million lawyers in the United States. To be more precise, there are 1,327,010 active lawyers, according to the ABA, and growing.

The odds that the lawyers across from you have the same information, training, and experience have increased DUE to the standardization of the CLE in the last few years.

What if you and your firm can have an advantage over your competitors, no matter what kind of legal situation you are involved in?

You need the credit; why not maximize each credit to your advantage?

  • Learn topics from the top experts
  • From interrogators to psychologists
  • Technology
  • Interview - Examination - Cross-examination
  • Deposition techniques
  • Ask for the area you need

Over the past decade, the number of lawyers nationwide has grown by more than 80,000 – an increase of 6.6% from 2012 to 2022.


Be on top of the latest techniques and training for lawyers with us.

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Trial - Legal Behavior Consulting

We build cases – We prepare clients, witnesses, and  experts for depositions and to testify in court.

Helping  lawyers to strategies better outcomes.

Jury Selection - Understanding what demographic groups will be most empathetic  to your case.

Hidden Insights - Uncovering non-verbal cues to identify what arguments will  resonate with a potential jury.

How much money can we ask – Assessments

Testing Likability and Credibility Attributes – Lawyers – Clients- Witnesses - Experts

  • Tell your client’s story.
  • Use the audience’s responses to test arguments.
  • Uncover red flags.
  • Liability,
  • Empathetic juror profiles.
  • Fault percentage.
  • Case valuation.

It's fast and easy to gain powerful insights to maximize the outcome of your case.


Using AI to predict actions and reactions.

The tool we use [our secret sauce] is that our minimum panel size is 100 independent participants.
We now have more than 30 Million available panellists Worldwide to choose from to build your audience.

We run these evaluations by - gender - race - age - income; we convert this information into reports, strategies, and coaching.

We deliver all in one.

We build cases and prepare clients, witnesses, and experts for depositions and to testify in court. Helping lawyers to deliver the most complex and specialized services.

By doing this, we build the cases and train parties to deliver winning outcomes.

Win the opposite side.

Not all cases are tried in court. Sometimes you just need a sound strategy to work with the opposite side and the judge.


Win the opposite side

Not all cases are tried in court. Sometimes you just need a sound strategy to work with  the opposite side and the judge.

Strategic outcomes

Because you are too busy fighting for your clients, we can help with strategies to  prepare and support any cases. We have experts in the most delicate cases and topics  to help you form solid plans. High-net-worth divorces – Infidelity- BDSM – Abuse Violence – Media Scandals – to name a few.

Persuasion - Influence

The good guys finish last. Let us assist you in preventing this from happening to you.

We have in-house services like

  • Nurses
  • Doctors
  • Psychologist
  • PI
  • Media audit for jury and people involved in a case or trial
  • Sentiment on the media
  • More experts, consult us in your case
Susan Ibitz Behavior Consulting