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Jeff Peterson- CEO- Geneva Supply- Amazon distributor

"It's not every day someone you don't know looks at you with a perplexed look and tells you everything about who you are, and even who you could be.

Susan Ibitz is one of the most fascinating individuals I have ever met, and has a trained skill that now has me looking at her perplexed. She connects, inspires and educates and will be an asset to you or your company if you just look in her direction."

Athena Kasvkisi - Fastest Deal in the history of Shark Tank

“Susan Ibitz is my secret weapon; I wish I had found her 15 years earlier”.

Samuel Tanios
Solving Employee Engagement and HR problems | Implementing Fractional HR for Small Business | Author | Podcaster

I would have sworn it was magic if she didn't have me doing it within 15 minutes. Susan Ibitz is a phenomenon and an incredible talent in every way but what makes her class so worthwhile is the fact that she is a very capable instructor and had me and my classmates capable of accurately reading faces within the first hour. If you are looking for ways to differentiate yourself or give yourself that "unfair advantage" over your competitors or in negotiations, look no further. You MUST take this class!

Adam Harris – Bryan Police Department-Criminal Investigations Division

Our Crisis Negotiation Team had Susan do a virtual 4 hour block as one of our monthly trainings in September, 2022. She was very prepared with more material than we were able to cover because we took such an in-depth look at the language of negotiation. She presented a real dialogue for us to do a case study on and recognize what went well and what did not go well. Susan engaged the class to get people thinking which made the material hit home even more. The detailed study over words used by the negotiator and the subject was very beneficial in showing how communication can start to breakdown and why or how. Little words or the order in which things are referred to can have a great bearing on their importance to a subject or negotiator. The entire team enjoyed the training, and we will very likely use Susan as a resource in future trainings due to her level of expertise, the high energy she brings to the training, and the applicability of the subject matter tying directly to crisis negotiations.