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Media Approval

We conduct surveys, media perception, and credibility assessments for politics, trials,  media, PR, press conferences, company presentations. Because it is not what you think  but how people see you.

Our minimum panel size is 100 independent participants.

We now have more than 30 Million available panelists in the US and over 200 qualifiers to choose from to build your audience.

We run  these evaluations by - gender - race - age - income; we convert this information into reports,  strategies, and coaching. We deliver all in one.

Using AI to predict actions and reactions

  • We can measure your brain by listening to your body
  • We can predict mood & energy level of people 2 days in advance
  • We can predict economic actions with >85% accuracy
  • We can predict information recall with >85% accuracy
  • We can predict people performance by measuring psychological safety
  • We can predict the actions of Person B by measuring Person A

Manipulation - Influence

The good guys finish last. Let us assist you in preventing this from happening to you.

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management for high-profile individuals and families- Don’t let a bad  moment ruin your journey.

Media Presence

How much or how little do you want to be shown? What do you want people to see?

PR - CRISIS - Damage Control

Because life happens when we are busy building a company- Don’t let others manage  your image, take control of the narrative.

Sentiment and the media

Based on your case or business, we can run studies in the media to determine what  people are saying about any topic based on age, gender, race and desired outcome.

In House Legal services

In house lawyer with experience in a wide range of legal issues of varied complexity. Review of  extensive pleadings, discovery, pre-trial documents, and trial materials. Participation in court  appearances, depositions, negotiation settlements and mediations. Effectively research,  analyze, synthesize, and explain vast information while tailoring and adapting communication to  support the level of expertise of parties at all levels. Identify, investigate, and analyze potential  legal issues and conflicts, and develop creative solutions and communicate potential  resolutions.

Our in house consultation service is not intended to convey or constitute legal advice, or to provide a substitute for obtaining legal advice from a qualified attorney. You should not act upon any such information without seeking qualified legal counsel on your specific needs.

Ask for services not addressed on this site; if you need them, we can do it for you. Contact us HERE. We don’t testify in court.

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