Exposing your team to High-performance Behavior Training is what we do

Manufacturing is a special tribe, hiring within, codes and own language based on industries inside manufacturing.

These factors do not save these industries from suffering, or going into what will be a billion dollars lost in the next 10 years, or even worse, an equal number lost as profit.

WHAT GAP? - WHERE’S THE PROBLEM? Hiring, retention and training.

I am sure if you are in this industry you think “ALL” your training done. Well, NO!!!


This training is reserved for the ones knowing the information you are about to see.

Managers are not born, but made and the secret sauce is:

Leadership – Within language – Soft Skills. I am sure have cover only 1, we hold de magic for the other 2.

It’s always is good to have a reality check, so let’s talk about numbers from national data:


  • 84% of all employees and managers believe new employees must possess soft skills and demonstrate this in the hiring process
  • The most valuable soft skill for recruits in manufacturing & utilities is communication, followed by critical thinking
  • The most valuable soft skill according to C-level executives and senior managers is creativity
  • The most valuable skill for advancing in your career is leadership
  • 48% of companies are looking to expand on existing skill sets
  • Those with Bachelor’s degrees (91%), Master’s degrees (91%) and Doctorates (95%) found soft skills more important than those with a high school (74%) or college diploma (78%)
  • 70% of manufacturers are addressing the workforce crisis by creating and expanding internal training programs
  • 3 soft skills the industry need are data analytics, agile mindset, problem-solving and critical thinking, and interpersonal skills
  • a study by Deloitte and The Manufacturing Instituteestimated that the skills gap could leave an estimated 2.1 million manufacturing jobs unfilled by 2030

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