Exposing your team to High-performance Behavior Training is what we do

In 1 year 60% of your key people will be gone. Why??? You, in some part. Casinos have one of the highest turn-over of people who move your business. But you already know this. What we know is how to fix this.

From profiling potential troublemakers, cheaters, and unscrupulous gamblers, to assisting employees in handling conflicts, negotiations, and skills to ease the 'casino exodus.'

Psychology, Behavioral Economics, Persuasion, and High-level Human Behavior Profiling are among the skills we provide [a secret sauce shared only in private].

You need to incorporate 'us' into your initial, intermediate, and ongoing training. We are a valuable asset, and you are aware of that.

It's always beneficial to have a reality check, so let's discuss some figures from national data:


  • Over 50% of workers are interested in working for organizations that support their professional development through various training programs

  • According to the American Gaming Association, several (80%) of casino workers need training to keep them engaged

  • 34% of casino employees stay less than a year in their job positions

  • 9% of casino employees stay more than 11 years in their job positions

  • 48% of casino workers are women

⚠️Don’t wait for your competitors to call us; call us first.

Susan Ibitz Behavior Consulting