⚠️Why are #first #impressions not related to you, and why this is so #dangerous 🥴

⚡”First impressions”⚡ refers to the initial judgments or opinions that people form about someone or something upon their first encounter or experience. These impressions are often based on observable traits, behaviors, or characteristics that are immediately noticeable or apparent. First impressions can be influential and have a significant impact on how individuals perceive and interact with one another. They can shape people’s attitudes, expectations, and decisions, and they often play a crucial role in social interactions, job interviews, dating, and various other aspects of life. It’s important to note that first impressions are not always accurate and can sometimes be misleading, as they are based on limited information and may not reflect the true nature or qualities of the person or thing being judged.

✅Factors that can affect first impressions:







Many factors can affect how people perceive you. As the points listed above, many other emotions, memories and connections in your brain can determine if I will like you.

💩Smell- if you like it and it takes you to a happy place, great, the opposite is not a good outcome.

❤️🩹Memories are connected with our emotional senses, and any trigger can be released, and again, this is not your fault.

🙀Voice-OH MY GOD. If your voice pitch is not pleasant to the receiver, it will sound like cats scratching a blackboard.

😡Violence and  😻Happiness are sisters. Content and context interfere in this situation. If any of your features, smell, face, voice, or body posture, remind me of a pleasant person, we are good to go. But if those features are related to any violence or painful event, you are done.


Besides the million articles telling you to be responsible for the first impressions, the ones you need to read are how to fix a situation that is not related to you or your demeanor.

Now, 🙈see you next week to tell you, how and what to do to improve a bad first encounter.

Susan Ibitz🧐

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