Testimonials: Speaking

Heather Bailey
Labor & Employment Partner at Amundsen Davis, LLC

Susan Ibitz is a pure delight for any keynote speaking engagements! She's brilliant, engaging and keeps everyone's attention. She was the keynote speaker for our partner retreat. Everyone raved about Susan and everyone took something away from her presentation. You can't go wrong having Susan keynote your next event.

Katie Intrater- Israeli Cancer Association

My charity hosted an evening of roundtables that included some of the most impressive and influential Chicago executives and trendsetters.

Susan was hand-picked by the leadership board as one of these chosen mentors, and she absolutely blew everyone away within the first 5 minutes of her presentation.

As an event speaker, Susan's ability to genuinely connect with everyone at the table by simply sharing her knowledge and skills truly sets her apart from other presenters. The attending young professionals could not stop discussing how interesting her insights were and what a valuable learning resource she was to them.

Now, a year later, she is at the top of our list to invite as a returning mentor.

Not only is Susan one of the most fascinating people I've ever heard speak, but she is also incredibly kind and extremely generous with her time. She would be an asset to any event you choose to host.

Captain Melanie Agle
Navarro County Sheriff's Office
TAHN Advisor

This is a professional letter of recommendation that I am honored to provide for Susan Ibitz. She truly is a "Human Behavior Hacker". Every experience I have had with her on a professional level has been astounding to say the least. I have worked with Susan on a couple of podcasts and knew almost immediately that her particular skillset would be very valuable to the law enforcement community.

As a board member for the Texas Association of Hostage Negotiators I was able to secure her a break out spot at the Annual Texas Association of Hostage Negotiators 2021 Conference this past October. That was the first time we were able to meet face-to-face. Susan's presentation was extremely well received by the members in attendance. She was able to have two sessions and by the time word got out about her first session, her second session was standing room only. The remarks from those in attendance were along the lines of "amazing", "fantastic", "best class they have been to in years”. For the remainder of the conference she could barely get any free time as attendees would "flock" to her just to get a moment of her time.