Medical device

Exposing your team to High-performance Behavior Training is what we do

You get the FDA out of your shoulders with compliance, testing and medical trials, we take your sales team to the streets with an arsenal of competitive tools including: Hight Performance Persuasion, Human Behavior Profiling, Language Analysis and Harvard level Negotiation.

When a Hostage Negotiator and Psychologist meet a medical device team, magic happens.

Without this magic, you are only selling a box with color lights.

You know problems will happen, competitors will come, employee shortage is here, you are 1 phone call away from changing this.

It’s always is good to have a reality check, so let’s talk about numbers from national data:


  • 67% of talent management leaders believe reskilling, and upskilling employees effectively addresses talent scarcity.
  • 92% of executives think that American workers aren't as skilled as they need to be.
  • 64% of hiring managers said they have difficulty finding employees with adequate critical thinking skills.
  • 55% that listening skills are hard to find.
  • 54% of interpersonal skills are hard to find.
  • 54% believe the educational system does not teach the skills needed for today's workforce.
  • North America holds 39% of the total medical technology market.
  • 5% of all medical technologists are women, while 31.5% are men.
  • The average medical technologist age is 44 years old.
  • In 2022, women medical technologists earned 98% of what men earned.
  • Medical technologists are 79% more likely to work at private companies in comparison to government companies.

⚠️Don’t wait for your competitors to call us; call us first.

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