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You are the sum of your network and your net worth. Your clients or future clients, too. We help you discover information and form strategies you need to win.


Using AI to predict actions and reactions

  • We can measure your brain by listening to your body
  • We can predict mood & energy level of people 2 days in advance
  • We can predict economic actions with >85% accuracy
  • We can predict information recall with >85% accuracy
  • We can predict people performance by measuring psychological safety
  • We can predict the actions of Person B by measuring Person A

In House Legal services

In house lawyer with experience in a wide range of legal issues of varied complexity. Review of  extensive pleadings, discovery, pre-trial documents, and trial materials. Participation in court  appearances, depositions, negotiation settlements and mediations. Effectively research,  analyze, synthesize, and explain vast information while tailoring and adapting communication to  support the level of expertise of parties at all levels. Identify, investigate, and analyze potential  legal issues and conflicts, and develop creative solutions and communicate potential  resolutions.

Our in house consultation service is not intended to convey or constitute legal advice, or to provide a substitute for obtaining legal advice from a qualified attorney. You should not act upon any such information without seeking qualified legal counsel on your specific needs.

Ask for services not addressed on this site; if you need them, we can do it for you. Contact us HERE. We don’t testify in court.

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